Your roots & branches

Your Roots & Branches

Genealogy Research

Pfrimmer's Chapel and Cemetery,

Harrison County, Indiana

Genealogy is a worldwide passion. The places where our ancestors were born are as interested in making records accessible as we are in researching them. And in many cases, where fires and other disasters have destroyed records, researchers have established ways to recreate the information.

Chances are that what you know about your family’s past may resemble much more a labyrinth or a maze than a tree with roots and branches. Our resources and background in searching through records and our understanding of history through wars and migration patterns can provide a solid start for your project. Soon you can be on your way to a body of knowledge about your past for which future generations of your family will be truly grateful.

Congratulations on your interest in finding out about your family’s history!

Nothing can be more rewarding - or frustrating - than trying to play sleuth on what any detective would consider a really cold case. Even if you think you know a great deal, you can easily run into what genealogists refer to as “brick walls” or dead ends. And separating fact from fiction, or family myths, can be quite challenging. But today, in many ways, building a solid record of your ancestors going back many generations is easier than it’s ever been.


 Darmstadt, Hesse c.1900