are designed for those with whom we're working to create a family history as well as  those who are researching their families on their own. 

We know you treasure family of all kinds, understand the courage it took for your ancestors to come here, and know how much work it is to fill in all the blanks decades later.  

We love making these 4x6 inch cards that we promise will take your ancestors out of those large black binders into reality for everyone in your family.

  • Your ancestors as playing cards, color matched to each of the branches of your tree, for any of the many card games involving suites. (ideas included)
  • Perhaps you'd prefer having a set with every person in your tree having their own card (no games). They're great at family gatherings where you can use them generate conversations and bring back memories. 

Each card includes information about each ancestor - flags or crests from their country of origin, names of their parents, important dates, a brief biography and names of their descendants, and a picture if you have one. They are all laminated to last for many hours of family fun! 


These "Love My Ancestors" designs are exclusive with Your Roots and Branches. Each country of origin in our collection has an antique map of the homeland they left behind with words in their native language that bridges those generations.

Just as with all the genealogy sayings in our Zazzle store,  we can apply any of these images to any of Zazzle's products. If you don't see what you want, please contact us. Show off your Ancestor Pride today!  

Family History Fans - This is Your Page!

People who are interested in family history have often taken a bad rap from their friends and neighbors over the years. But, to be fair, seven generations of people your relatives have never heard of, listed using an odd numbering system, can hardly demonstrate that  you are the life of the party. Large black binders with crumbling documents in plastic sleeves can sedate hyperactive children. All this can change! 

We want our clients to show the world, not only how great their ancestors were, but how we have had such a great time finding and keeping track of them all! So while you're working with us to present all your ancestors in the best possible way in a report your descendants will cherish for  years to come, let's have fun with our passion for the past today.  

Your roots & branches